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Top 3 Tips for Storing Sports Equipment

How do you store your seasonal equipment? If you have more sports gear than the garage can hold, seasonal storage is the answer. Lionville Self Storage knows the struggles when the weather gets warm everyone wants to be outside enjoying the sun. When it comes time to clean up and put everything away it can be a challenge as to where to put it all and stay organized. An easy solution is moving the equipment you only use during specific seasons to a storage unit. These tips will guide your belongings to a unit that will help.

Exton PA seasonal storage

Utilize all your space

If you store at home or at our self storage facility, utilizing space is key to storing your gear. You want to keep it all organized so the next time the family wants to pull out the summer supplies you know right where they are. Shelves will make it easy to section off gear base on when you use it. Do not forget to label the outside of the bin if you are storing in opac containers.

Repair before storing

While you are pulling the latest tools out of the garage, make some edits. If the kids outgrow their pads, or no longer play with certain things, donate them to after school programs or parks.

Store your collection

Do you enjoy collecting items from some of the most memorable moments in sports history? If so, you need a place to keep these precious items safe. A seasonal storage unit is perfect because you can switch out what you put on display. You can focus on getting your team to the championship game instead of worrying about where to store your mementos.

Even if you are braving the cold at the ski resort or you wait for summer heat to head outdoors, seasonal storage at Lionville Self Storage is the answer to your storage questions.

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