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Simple storing with our storage packing tips

How are you getting ready for spring this year? Lionville Self Storage packing tips can help you clear out space in time to open the windows. Clean and organized is our main focus, and with a storage unit here, you have a safe location for winter tools and yard equipment.

Maybe you want to tackle a few spring cleaning projects, this is where storage comes in handy. Our short term storage options are a possibility when you require a small unit while you tidy up. Start with the storage packing tips below and talk with our store manager when you are ready to start renting a unit.

Exton PA storage packing tips

  • If you intend on storing appliances unplug them a few days before, allowing time to defrost. Do not forget the towel underneath to soak up water.
  • Put gear you will not need for a few months towards the back and any equipment you will need sooner rather than later in the front.
  • Create a path through the boxes with labels facing out for easy finding.
  • Keep a master list of where everything is in the unit. This is best kept in your storage unit so you never lose it.
  • Even though the appliances had a few days to dry out, leave the doors open to avoid moisture from coming back. These open spaces can also be useful for storing a few boxes.
  • Most clothes can go in the appropriate sized box but a hanging option is needed for dress clothes. Leaving them folded in a box will result in deep creases.
  • Storing plates and bowls on their side results in far less breaks then if they are stored flat.
  • Remember to pack boxes as full as possible. If the container is getting too heavy you may have the wrong size box.

With this knowledge you will be ready to store before you arrive at your unit.

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