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Camper Storage: Tips for Winter Storing

Here at Lionville Self Storage our goal is to make storing your belongings less complicated. Storing household items can be simple but what do you do about the big things, like campers and vehicles? Well, rest assured your Lionville PA storage experts came up with a list of Lionville PA camper storage tips to help you before the cold sets in. Snow, sleet, and dropping temperatures all affect our belongings but each one requires a few special instructions for storage.

Camper storage 101

Lionville PA Camper Storage


  • Applying the parking brake the entire time while in storage can be hard on the system; Instead leave the brakes off and use a wheel chock.
  • Seals around windows should be replaced often, now is a great time to check before storage.
  • A closed, dark environment like the fridge can cause mold. Keep the door open to allow proper airflow.
  • Flat spots happen but it can be prevented with a little extra air in the tires.
  • Gas with the right stabilizer can be the solution to clogged lines in the spring.

Our Lionville Self Storage facility can provide you with space for your extra seasonal decorations and any other items with drive up units. Even though our storage facility does not offer parking spaces large enough for the camper or vehicle storage, we are more than happy to help you find the right unit to protect your smaller items.

Our temperature controlled storage units, keep the cool blasts, and heat waves from damaging precious keepsakes; check them out today by calling us and setting up a tour.

There are many self storage options to help you at Lionville Self Storage and we are waiting to show you around.

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